Shiatsu Masters

Shiatsu Masters is a professional shiatsu clinic staffed by Shiatsupractors who are specialists trained in the original shiatsu methods developed by Tokijuro Namikoshi. The clinic was founded in 1981 by Kensen Saito, who studied and trained at the Japan Shiatsu School in Tokyo. He was personally mentored by Tokujiro Namikoshi and his son Toru. The staff have been professionally trained by Kensen at The Shiatsu Academy of Tokyo (in Toronto), which he founded in 1990.

Shiatsu is a natural therapy that restores balance to the body and promotes good health. Our therapists use only their hands (thumbs, fingers and palms) to apply a gentle and firm pressure that relaxes and soothes the body, effectively removing fatigue and anxiety caused by the daily stresses and tensions of life. Furthermore, Shiatsu treatments stimulate the body to rejuvenate itself, helping people with various health problems to heal themselves. A shiatsu treatment is performed on a softly, padded floor in a comfortable tatami room.


Shiatsu Masters - Broadview & Danforth

Hours: Tues-Fri 10-8 : Sat 10-6

25 minutes $50
45 minutes $90
70 minutes $125

30 minutes $30
50 minutes $45
80 minutes $70

(Prices include HST)

Insurance coverage could be applied. Please check your plan.

826 Broadview Avenue
1st. Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4K 2P7

Tel: 416.466.8780



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